Australia two (2) to spare your loading time!

Of course my favorite the Tazmanian Devil!
or is that Eddie or Dan Chelist? ...samething, different smell.........sort of

The traveling troup at Seventy Seventy.... On the coast north of Brisbane.
The others dropped out and only Max and I remain on the walk about!

Cute and Cuddly?

Crossing the Dingo fence, (dog fence) it runs across Australia to keep the Dingo's out of southern Australia?? The longest maintained fence in the world

The Thompson River is a favorite fishing hole, we ran across a group of free campers who were quite the scene!


The tree of knowledge (where the Labor party was conceived and formed) in Barcaldine, Queensland
Now they have decent wages, but not much work.....
Sound familiar?
It was instigated because sheep sheerers were abused, (or so I understand?) they formed a union......

Three blown tires so far, Max with the tire irons trying to sort out our next move. I of course suggested a beer!

One of the new Goodrich AT tires

Ahhhhhh, number three!

A large termite hill, called ant hills here!

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