Trip to Europe 2001
Amsterdam where we picked up the Motorhome.... I think....

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Arrival at Schopel International Airport, Amsterdam

Zoomed around on trollies and trains

Even the shopping malls are verticle and ancient

The GPS read -49 feet in Amsterdam. At first I thought it was screwie, but we were 49 feet below sea level!

Centraal Station, Amsterdam

One of many coffee shops with Marijuana/Hash menu's instead of choice of coffee!

Across from every "coffee shop" is a bakery.... Go figure

Dinky car that are so prevelent in Europe

Amsterdam is full of canals

All buildings in Amsterdam lean one way or the other. Built on soggy ground.....

Hells Angles.... Boats?? OK

At least they have good cigars in Europe

Typical street scene

A mime is a terrible thing to not waste!

Our rented motorhome, called a caravan in Europe

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