It's been 35 years since I've visited Japan

October 2004

I went to Japan to attend Yoshiro and Akiko's Wedding
at the Heinan Shrine in Kyoto.

Yoshiro's wife Akiko having green tea

Yoshiro and me at his parents house

The handsome couple!


Wedding party

Parents of the bride and groom

Mr & Mrs. Akio Sohma brilliant interpreters
and nephew to Yoshiro

I made new friends

Dr. Kozo Kajino and his lovely wife

Train stations are about the same
where I stayed between Kyoto and Osaka

After returning to Osaka Yoshiro's mother has
a tea ceremony for the newly weds and I

Yoshiro's parents treated me very well
here they are with their supervisors!

I found an old graveyard on top of a hill in Kyoto

Older than old

The river in Kyoto

Kids at pay, ingnoring their teacher

Statues of some one?

neighborhood garden

old art....