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Opportunity to provide Technical and Administrative support in my areas of expertise.


Web Page development, Jon Boy Productions, Moses Lake, Washington.

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Program Analyst, Acquisition and Materiel Management Service, Veterans Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM (GS12/9 Base salary $59,067/annum. Retired December 31, 1999)

        Responsibility for implementation of the Generic Inventory System (GIP) package. The GIP system is a just-in-time supply ordering and accounting system that accounts for the medical/surgical supply system in a 550 bed, Complexity A Tertiary care University affiliated Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

        Coordinate the interface between the GIP and IFCAP (financial accounting package) used by Fiscal Service for accounting of medical Surgical supplies within the AVAMC.

        Consultant to the Contracting staff on pricing accounts payable and collections.

        Authored and wrote several applications for the Albuquerque Veterans Medical Center including; but not limited to, Community Health Nursing tracking package and the Accommodations tracking and billing package.

        Extracurricular: Served on Board of Directors, New Mexico Rural Development Response Council. I also teach flyfishing to Adults (Men and Women) and children.

Chief Special Programs, Quality Management Service, Veterans Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM (Title 38 Level III Step 15 August, 1991 July 1998) Staff Assistant to Director AVAMC


        Developed and implemented Community Based Clinics in rural New Mexico. Increased Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) patient base from 7,500 SSNs to 11,200 SSNs including development of capitation based CBOCs, and alternative funding sources for shared/Veteran Clinics.

        Management and provision of workload/financial analysis and reporting on CBOC and all Scarce Medical Contracts at a Level I VAMC.

        Recommendation and implementation of new product lines including capitation based CBOCs innovative methods of Contract pricing and financial management. Generation of an excess of $25 Million per annum in revenues to the AVAMC.

        Development of a Resource Based Relative Value System for profiling of provider productivity and payment methodologies to the Air Force Sharing Agreements and Scarce Medical Contracting with the AVAMC affiliate the University of New Mexico.

        Development and implementation of a VISTA[1] based patient/facility billing system.

        Served as committee member to the New Mexico Rural Development Response Council: Appointed by Governor Bruce King, 1992. Elected as Vice President January 1996. Elected as President January 1997.



19901991 Area Office[2] Indian Health Service Tucson, AZ

Public Health Advisor (GS-12)

        As regional Contract Health Officer, designed and developed cost/benefit analysis of health delivery systems in rural locations of Arizona, and USA.

        Developed and implemented the first generation of intra-government department sharing agreements based on a Resource Based Relative Value System between the Indian Health Service (IHS) and the Tucson VAMC. (The only inpatient model between the VA and IHS still in operation. 1986-present)

        Implemented training courses for workload and financial analysis and reporting requirements within the Tucson Area (and other areas) of the IHS.


19861990 Area Office Indian Health Service Tucson, AZ

Nurse Consultant

        Developed and implemented a utilization review system. Authored and programmed the required software utilizing VA File Manager. Developed and implemented Provider education regarding workload and financial management of Health Systems Development.

        Developed and implemented management reports utilizing VA Fileman software for utilization/workload management.

        Researched analyzed and made recommendations regarding rollout information from the Health Accounting System of the HIS[3] to senior management, locally and nationally.


19831986 Sells Indian Hospital Sells, AZ

Nurse Specialist

        Developed and implemented a hospital based Infection Control Program. Centers for Disease Control Certified Infection Control Practitioner, for small and rural based hospitals and outpatient clinics.

        Developed and implemented a hospital based Quality Assurance program in compliance with JACHO standards and Indian Health regulations.

        Developed multiple nursing computerized programs for monitoring of workload, infection control, employee health, quality assurance, compensatory/overtime and various other trending/analytical packages utilizing VA Fileman software.


19791983 Kayenta Service Unit, IHS Kayenta, AZ

Supervisory Community Health Nurse

        Developed and implemented a wide variety of community health programs on the Navajo Nation Arizona.

        Provided delivery of health care to 3,000 patients as their Primary Care Provider. Including but not limited to; well childcare, School Nursing and Diabetic clinics.

        Participated in a Management review with written recommendations of the Zuni IHS Hospital and Service Unit. Research was conducted on site at the Zuni Hospital. I served as a member of a multidisciplinary team on a joint project sponsored by the IHS Office of Research and Development, Tucson, AZ (EPI course)


                                                                         US Navy Cryptology, Viet Nam combat Veteran, Honorable Discharge


19731978 Walla Walla College College Place, WA

        B.S., Nursing.

1990-1991 University of Phoenix Tucson, AZ

      Continuing studies in Business Administration (MBA).


Health systems development, Rural Development, outdoor activities, flyfishing, hiking.


[1] VA Fileman software driven programs, also utilized by the Indian Health Service.

[2] Area Office, Office of Health Program Research and Development, Tucson, AZ, US Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Service)

[3] HIS = Health Information System of the Indian Health Service.