He's Back
Where in the world is Jon Penhallurick?

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Swisshome, Oregon. Land of the free and home of the faint at heart

For the geographically challenged.....

For the really, really Geographically Challenged

I bought a Garage, it's a dandy!

Oh yea there is a house too.

October loves the new bed! THE TURD, but SHE Gets Hers Read on!

Living space is good.

The Kitchen is for MEN only..... Well, some women by invite only!

The rest...Sort of......

Last Friday (written in April), I was declared free of cancer by the University of Oregon Medical Sciences Center and the VA. Makes me feel a whole lot better knowing that they couldn't find any cancer after the disappointments of last year. I am getting stronger each day. So much so that I have started adding complications to my life.

The latest is a cat named Max. He came to me as Charlie from the Florence humane society, but in fact he is a Max, and is called Mad Max by both October and I. October keeps an eye peeled on Max at all times due to unexpected ambushes around every corner. Well, That is a mouthful and I must get this FTP'd up so you all can see what I've been up to.

Oh yea, the back yard!

I know you are, but what am I?