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Jon Boy Productions PO Box 134
Swisshome, Oregon 97480
541.510.2190 (cell)

Washinton DC visit March, 2010

My sister and niece visit in June, 2007

Bob's special stop on the way back to Oregon from Arizona... Area 51...

Southwest/Northwest tour (2006) with my cousin Sharon Penhallurick
She is part of my English family, she lives in England where my family originated

Japan for Yoshiro and Akiko's wedding October 04

Canyonlands National Park September 04

Click here for a Canyonlands map

Spent last summer (2003) in Australia & New Zealand

I moved to Swisshome, Oregon after my cancer (2002), got well here.

Still working on it! Europe 2001
need to dig out the archives

Pablo's Artifacts The real thing

I gave up on the BMW motorcycles and moved to ATV's

Yea, I wear a helmet, See why.

I'm a fan of our National Parks

I purchased my sports trailer from Skip

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